My Word for 2014: Rebuild

After two months of avoiding this new fad of selecting a word for the year, I finally succumbed. The word I chose for 2014 is REBUILD. It’s not necessarily a “feel-good” word, but it is a sports word and a word that speaks to what I desire to experience in my life this year.

REBUILD my mind – Since finishing my Masters degree and beginning a family with my wife, deep thinking and creating have taken a backseat to surviving and not falling asleep at my desk. I’ve had very few deep conversations, read even less thought-provoking books, and have only created things that needed to be created for my job or for my kids. I’ve done very little creative work solely for the sake of the creative process. This year I desire to think more deeply, to engage in more creative activities, and to rebuild my mind.

REBUILD my body – During 2013, I had begun to get myself into better shape. I was running on a regular basis. I was drinking less pop and more water. I’d gained about 5 pounds and was maintaining that weight. I felt better than I had in a while. But as the year came to a close, I fell back into the habit of drinking lots of pop. As 2014 began and sickness hit our home, my running has fallen off, too. I’ve lost the 5 pounds I’d gained and I feel far less healthy. My goal for 2014 is to rebuild my body, gain those pounds back, and be healthier. I know it won’t be easy, but I need to do it anyway.

REBUILD my soul – When I was younger, the times when I felt closest to God were the times when I was playing guitar the most. Music has always been a deep point of connection for my faith. Since having kids and entering full-time ministry, I’ve had a lot less time for music. I’ve been left looking for other ways to connect with God, but they always felt second best. My goal for 2014 is to rebuild my soul by reconnecting to my musical roots and thus strengthening my connection to God.

REBUILD my heart – Over the last 15 years or so, I’ve slowly lost touch with many of my friends. Ministry is a relatively isolating career as it is, but I’ve isolated myself even more. Part of that stems from the fact that I have an irrational fear of telephones. I’ve managed to improve upon that fear for my job, but not so much in my personal life. My goal for 2014 is to seek to rebuild some of those relationships in order to rebuild my heart.

REBUILD my life – Since joining Facebook and subsequently having children (completely unrelated events), I feel like I have lost who I am a little bit. I am so busy with running my kids here and there while trying to fit work and hobbies and relating with my wife in there somewhere. And I don’t really ever step back and look at my life. I’ve become completely disorganized in my life and in my brain. My goal for 2014 is to make time for self-reflection and organizing my life. I am certain that, as with most things, the mess will only get worse before it gets better. But I think it is time to engage the mess and rebuild my life.

I hope you will all support me in my “rebuild.” I will try to keep you updated on my progress via Facebook and Twitter. So, what is your word for 2014?


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