Melting – A Transfiguration Children’s Lesson

Opaque bag or box (I used an insulated lunch bag)
A cup or Ziploc bag of water (I used a Ziploc bag)

So, I brought something with me this morning to show you. And I was so excited to show it to you that I put it all together last night and set it on the counter at my house so it would be ready for this morning. Can you guess what it is?

In my bag here I put a bag of ice. Do you guys like ice? (get out the bag of water)

Wait a second. Where did my ice go? Did one of you guys sneak into my stuff and replace my ice with water?

But I had a bag just like this that was full of ice when I put it in this lunch bag last night and now all I have is this water. Someone must have switched it on me.
(At this point the kids will most likely be trying to tell you that the ice melted. If not, keep suggesting other ideas for how the bag of ice became a bag of water.)

Wait. Are you telling me that this water actually IS my ice? But it transformed? That’s amazing!

There is a story in the Bible about a time that Jesus and three of his disciples went up on a mountain. And when they got up the mountain, Jesus transformed. His clothes became bright white and two other people appeared next to him. The three disciples were amazed and rather scared. They knew that something amazing was happening. And they wanted to hang onto that moment, so they offered to build three tents for Jesus and the two other people to stay in. But the moment was temporary. And as soon as it had happened it was over. But it was a moment that changed the life of those disciples.

God gives each of us moments like that, too. Maybe they are not quite so obvious, but they are there. Times when we really see God working in our lives. And we might be tempted to cling to those moments and try to relive them over and over. But God wants us to share God’s glory with the world.

Let us pray and thank God for those moments! Please pray after me…

Jesus, thank you for showing us your goodness and glory. Remind us daily that you are love and grace. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Feel free to use this idea and modify it however you want. I hope that it will be of help. Also, please chime in with any questions, comments, or suggestions you might have for me in the comments section below, on the FB page, or via Twitter.


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